Top 10 Most Beautiful Air Hostesses Of Airlines

Traveling is fun but being a flight attendant is very challenging as well as demanding task. However, at the same time the profession involves a lot of glamour too. From their height to uniforms, every aspect of flight attendants depicts the airlines they represent. Here is a rundown of top 10 airlines with most beautiful flight attendants.

Air France

Fortunately, the incredible and dreamy flight attendants do substantially make up for the terrible and uncomfortable economy seats of Air France. The uniform of the flight attendants resemble a stylish tub mannequin and are designed by the world-renowned designer Christian Lacroix.
These adorable ladies will make the passengers feel comfortable, help with the queries and provides meals and beverages. Despite the poor services offered by the airline, the stunning flight attendants hired by it make Air France to top our list of 10 airlines with most beautiful flight attendants.